ClicksAndWhistles 2.7.132

A Windows IRC client with a bunch of customizable features


  • Ability to convert tabs into windows
  • Interface is well-designed and lightweight
  • Multi-tab option
  • Good choice of IRC channels available


  • Missing a keypad
  • No advanced options

Very good

ClicksAndWhistles is an IRC client that runs on Windows for all your chat-related needs.

In the age of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, internet relay chats (IRCs) like ClicksAndWhistles might seem a little outdated. Or a lot. Many people still use them, however. Lucky for those people, then, that ClicksAndWhistles is a plucky little program that not only takes up very little memory on your PC but also has a good amount of useful features.

ClicksAndWhistles has a unique notification system, which allows you to see what's going on in a private IRC channel or directly in the task bar. This, along with its well-designed interface, helps make ClicksAndWhistles a top candidate when considering what IRC tools to take advantage of.

In addition, ClicksAndWhistles offers a multi-tab feature, allowing you to participate in several channels at once with relative ease. The program also has a myriad of useful features that make it stand out from others in its class, such as a feature that allows you to detach a tab and turn it directly into a free-floating open window. The "view" menu also allows you to display a list of servers and other channels to which you can connect in one easy click. Once logged into the channel of your choice, the appearance of the text is entirely customizable. The only real thing ClicksAndWhistles seems to be missing is a keypad to allow you to type entirely from your desktop via mouse.

With several customizable features, ClicksAndWhistles stands apart from its competitors as an IRC client.



ClicksAndWhistles 2.7.132

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